“As comic strip sweethearts, Burkhardt and Martsolf resist the temptation to comment on their line-drawn characters, instead winning us over by keeping it simple especially when singing "Namely You" and "If I Had My Druthers."- Charlotte Stoudt, LA Times


Dramatic!  Brandi Burkahrdt sings beautifully in her Broadway debut.” - Joe Dziemianowicz, NY Daily News

“Burkhardt has the kind of silvery soprano that causes strong men to faint.” - David Finkle, TheatreMania

“And the glowing ingenue Brandi Burkhardt is a worthy object of both Sydney’s love and the devotion of heroic French aristocrat Charles Darnay.” - David Cote, TimeOut NY

“As Charles Darnay, Aaron Lazar also shines, as does the Lucie of Brandi Burkhardt, which could been a cliché ingénue in the hands of someone less gifted. However, Burkhardt not only has a particularly appealing soprano but lends both simplicity and authenticity to her portrayal.” - Diana Barth, The Epoch Times

“Brandi Burkahrdt is delectible!

  1. -Irene Backalenick,

  2. -The Connecticut Post

“Brandi Burkhardt has sweet innocence and a silent-film-star look of purity in her portrayal.” - Howard Shapiro,

The Philadelphia Enquirer

Brandi Burkhardt, vivacious and vocally attractive, brings Lucy a sweetness and a freshness that makes her cluster of adorers fully understandable.”

- Michael Feingold, Village Voice

“Burkhardt is comedically adept and blessed with a strong singing voice.  Outstanding!” - Terry Morgan, Variety

“Burkhardt is superb!” - LA Weekly

“Burkhardt is fetching and seductive.- Paul Hodges, Orange County Register

“As the romantic lead, Burkhardt exudes charm and polish.” - Les Spindle, Backstage

“It's impossible not to be moved. Brandi Burkhardt sings prettily.” - Elysa Gardner, USA Today

“Lovely newcomer Brandi Burkhardt. impresses with a crystaline voice.” - Roma Torre, NY1

“Brandi Burkhardt looks gorgeous, and sings with a crystalline voice.” - Mark Peikert, NY Press

“Brandi Burkhardt has good looks and a powerful voice.

- Frank Scheck, News Daily

“Burkhardt uses her strong soprano to beautiful effect.” - Andy Propst, American Theatre Web

“Brandi Burkhardt is shimmering in voice and looks.” - Rosiland Friedman, WMNR-FM

“”The Sound Of Music”, Burkhardt sang it with pure feeling and no intimation that it had ever been sung by anyone before.”

- Disney Hall, John Farrell, Pasadena Star News